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Features & Functionality for your website

A Top Content website is made up of many different components. Although some of the services are essential to all our CMS sites, other website components are unique to just one client.


Take a look through the services that we provide that could become part of your site. You can read more about each and if you believe this is something you are interested in, add to your interests.

Top Content Components:

Mobile Website

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Through Top Content CMS, clients can maintain and update content on both their mobile and normal websites.

  • designed for any mobile
  • improved user experience
  • update mobile and desktop at once

Balanced Hosting

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Websites are spread across different servers to deal with high levels of traffic - meaning Top Content sites are designed for business growth and expansion.

  • sustain high traffic levels
  • less down time
  • increased security

Callback Service

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The online callback service provided by Top Content will automatically call a visitor back when they request it, given someone from the company is there to deal with the call.

  • branded callback service
  • will call back globally
  • provides free calls for customers

Colour Coding

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Colour coding helps reinforce brand awareness and give a clear structure to the website.

  • clear navigation
  • structured layout
  • hierachy within content

Corporate Blog

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Corporate blogs are easily updated through our specially developed modules. They can be used to give the business a voice of authority.

  • gain more traffic
  • interact with customers
  • establish a voice of authority

Custom 404 Error Pages

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Custom 404 Error Pages is a service provided to all Top Content websites. They are highly beneficial for SEO.

E-Commerce Functionality

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Our team of E-Commerce developers have created shopping cart functionality that will provide your site with:

  • a fast and easy-to-use checkout
  • product import and export
  • built in sales reporting

Email Newsletter Management

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Clients can design, manage and monitor their email campaigns with an easy to use interface. This allows clients to monitor open and click rates. 

  • track email campaigns
  • monitor how receiver's respond
  • testing features like A/B


Image Gallery

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Through the Top Content CMS, visually stunning image galleries can be created. These can be used to:

  • attract users
  • showcase products
  • create visual product portfolios

Integrated Payment Gateway

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Integrated payment gateways allow clients to provide secure payment methods for their products/services.

  • all gateways can be implemented
  • secure payments
  • multiple gateway potential

Interactive Banners

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Our developers use Actionscript or Javascript, which allows clients to promote product and services through interactive banners on their site.

  • grab users attention
  • encourage interaction
  • generate quick brand awareness

Multi Device Websites

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Top Content websites are accessible and usable on multiple devices, through a clever use of responsive design and stand-alone mobile websites.

  • built for any device
  • responsive design
  • easy navigation across platforms

Multi Domain Web System

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Clients are able to own multiple domains at once to gain a larger web presence, which all use the Top Content CMS.

  • improve SEO
  • larger web presence
  • drive traffic towards main domain

Multi Lingual Websites

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Top Content websites can be adapted to be viewed in multiple languages without navigating from the main site.

News Module

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Through our news module users can add and update news articles to the site. There is a possibility that articles from the site will appear in Google News search results.

  • keep users updated
  • direct users towards main site
  • improve SERP ranking

Shopping Cart

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The Shopping Cart function allows customers to select the items they wish to purchase. Functionality includes:

  • running total cost
  • add and remove products
  • easily update quantities

Site Search

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Site Search allows customers to quickly navigate through a website and find the information they need. This provides:

  • multiple search options
  • specific search results
  • search history reporting

Social Media Widgets & Feeds

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Social networking widgets and feeds appear on websites and allow visitors to engage with companies on varied platforms without navigating away from the main website.

  • any social network can be used
  • customisation for branding
  • integrated with social network APIs

Special Offers

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Offers can be integrated with an e-commerce system for various business needs.

  • business discounts
  • offers pages
  • create special occasion sales

User Accounts

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Whether you want your website users to interact on your website, or you want to give customers access to private data such as document downloads then Top-Content can support user accounts and access restrictions.

Web Marketing Applications

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Web Marketing Applications are important parts of a site's promotional activity and improving visitor engagement.

  • promote business services
  • improve visit time
  • allow further interaction
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