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API - Application Programming Interface

A set of protocols and tools used for creating software. Common APIs include Twitter APIs and Google Maps API which can be embedded within web pages.


Balanced Hosting

Balanced Hosting is when traffic to a website is split across multiple servers. The purpose of balanced hosting is reduce downtime for websites so they can maintain high levels of traffic.


CMS - Content Management System

Is a web application that runs on a web server and helps in creating a website. Content Management Systems allow website content to be easily updateable and maintained.


CRM - Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management Systems are used to enhance the interaction between the company and customer - along with bettering the customer's user experience.



Is a computer programming language which is interpreted by Web browsers so that client-side scripts can be written which can once implemented, allow webpage users to interact with the site.


Payment Gateway

Payment Gateways are secure payment systems that can be implemented on e-commerce websites for example PayPal, Google Payments etc.


PPC- Pay Per Click

PPC is an online advertising model used to direct traffic towards a particular website. Through this model advert owners have to pay each time their advert is clicked, this is typically used on search engines such as Google.


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Is a set of techniques used to optimise webpages for visibility on search engine result pages - as the more visible a page is, the more likely the searcher is to visit the site.


SERP- Search Engine Results Page

This is the page displaying results when a search is input into a search engine such as Google or Bing etc. 


WYSIWYG- What you see is what you get

This is an editor system where text and images are displayed when editing, corresponding to the live(online) page.


404 Error

Is an error message identifying that a client was able to communicate with a server, but what they requested couldn't be found.