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Multi Lingual Websites

A website being available to view in multiple languages is a key feature for any multi-national companies - or any businesses that deal with foriegn customers.


It can be an alternative to having numerous websites for numerous countries. Multi lingual websites are key to an accessible and user-friendly site.


Dynamic or Human Translations, or a Mix of Both

One challenge with a multi-lingual site can be keeping the content up to date, especially if you don't have native speakers in the relevant languages available in your team.

Because of this there's a few options within Top-Content for how you manage your multi-lingual content, which can include using a mixture of human translated content when it is available, and dynamic machine translated content when it's not - with you being in full control to override anything when needed.


Character encoding for multi lingual websites

Top Content's multi lingual websites cleverly use character encoding which helps ensure even sites in foreign languages are SEO friendly.


Multiple languages in use on Top Content websites

Engys is a multi lingual site that uses our Content Management System. It is available to view in English, Spanish, Italian and German.

engys english language website
engys italian website
engys german website


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