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Website For Furniture Retailer - Base Classics

Website For Furniture Retailer - Base Classics
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Base Classics is a bespoke ecommerce website with a complex linking structure simplified by the use of main and footer navigation.

E commerce features on Base Classics

A higher level e commerce site, Base Classics includes:

  • multiple payment gateways
  • shopping cart technology
  • complex product listing system
  • varied product prices depending on the user


On top of this, the site offers many different levels of touchpoints where the visitor can interact with Base Classics - for instance, the "As Seen On Screen" section and the Base Art Blog.


This site is also multi-lingual and available to view in Danish.

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Top Content Services used:

E-Commerce Functionality

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Our E-Commerce developers have developed functionality that includes:

  • site search
  • user-friendly navigation
  • a checkout system
  • shopping cart software
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Multi Domain Web System

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To gain a larger web presence, clients own multiple domains that usually all direct to one main website. Multi domain websites can redirect to one site (e.g. to .com) or use microsites to display information and create inward links.

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Email Newsletter Management

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Our email newsletter program allows clients to design, manage and monitor commercial newsletters, through an easy-to-use interface. Clients will be able to optimize for clicks and opens, whilst making changes to ensure they avoid bounces and mail being marked as spam.

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Corporate Blog

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The online corporate blog module is an easy-to-use feature that can help businesses establish a voice of authority within their industry. Top Content corporate blogs are used to:

  • give expert advice
  • discuss industry issues
  • give the business a voice
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Multi Lingual Websites

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Websites that are available to view in multiple languages are fundamental for some clients that target foriegn customers. Character encoding ensure that all Top Content multi lingual sites are SEO friendly.

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